Okay, I’m covering a LOT of titles this week as I’m still playing catch up from being out of action for a week due to having some surgery. So buckle up, because here we go!

Blumhouse of Horrors: 10 Movie Collection – I’m not always a fan of multi-movie collections, because they can often be a really mixed bag of good and bad titles. But this new 10-Movie Blu-ray box set from Blumhouse Pictures is a winner from top to bottom. Blumhouse has single-handedly revitalized the horror genre, making low-budget horror flicks into massive box office successes, and they do it with a mix of good storytelling, great atmospheres, a scary-not-gory aesthetic, and PG-13 ratings. I can’t say I love every Blumhouse movie, but by and large, they hit a lot more often than they miss. This 10-disc set includes the following movies on Blu-ray (and digital, yay!): Get Out, The Purge, Ouija, Split, The Visit, Unfriended, Truth or Dare, The Boy Next Door, Happy Death Day and Ma. Now, out of that bunch, I absolutely loved Get Out, The Purge, Split, The Visit, Truth or Dare, and Happy Death Day, so that’s a pretty good base. Ouija and The Boy Next Door are perfectly enjoyable if uninspiring. The only two I’m not that big a fan of are Ma and Unfriended, but neither are out-and-out terrible, and I’m sure there are people out there who like them. Each disc includes the films’ original extra features (and the aforementioned