Paramount highlights fan favorites and true classics with their new Paramount Presents limited edition label. 

Paramount – as with many studios – have been somewhat lax or at the very least inconsistent with their back catalog of titles. Old favorites that have long deserved a true and proper Blu-ray release sat by the wayside while some films enjoy a new special edition practically every other year. The studio aims to fix that with their new Paramount Presents label dedicated to issuing new editions of fan favorites but also dig up those old classics and give them the Blu-ray release they’ve long deserved – all sourced from new or recent 4K transfers! To add a little extra prestige to the mix, each disc in this new collection will have a spine number – so if you’re a fastidious collector that doesn’t like gaps or hates an incomplete numerical presence on a shelf – you might be in trouble!

April 21st saw the release of the first three inaugural titles of the Paramount Presents label – Fatal Attraction, King Creole, and To Catch A Thief. Each Blu-ray was sourced from a 4K transfer, housed in a snazzy looking clear case with interior photos when you open the case, and the cardboard slipcover opens up to reveal the original poster artwork for the film. With the black numbered spines these are certainly classy releases for a pair of fan favorites and a new to Blu-ray release. You can take