In 2020, we will remember a year for a pretty important feature…the return of home media. We might not know it yet, but Blu-Rays and DVDs are the last bastion of hope and freedom as it pertains to content. It seems like every day another series or movie is picked apart for various reasons by a discerning public eye and then put back together so that it can pass whatever test is being doled out by religious conservatives, PC police, or million moms rather than letting producers and creators being assertive and doing what they do best which is to entertain us.

Enter the fourth season of Rick and Morty on Blu-Ray. An already stellar season capped off by an Emmy win for “The Vat of Acid Episode”, we don’t know if and when any of these mostly uncensored episodes will be frowned upon in the future so you might as well get this release to remind yourself what were the standards of an Emmy in 2020. Now, I say mostly uncensored because the series isn’t 100 percent uncensored. For example, while the home release version of the series allows for uncensored language, nudity appears to be frowned upon at Adult Swim. So, if you were hoping to see Rick’s dong or any other naked members of the Smith family, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Also, other than the decent “Inside Rick and Morty” featurette, the special features are all on Adult Swim’s Youtube page,