• Reviewed by: Bill Hunt
  • Review Date: Oct 19, 2020
  • Format: Blu-ray Disc

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Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (4K UHD Review)


Robert Zemeckis

Release Date(s)

1985, 1989, 1990 (October 20, 2020)


Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

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Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (4K Ultra HD)



Time travel is a subject that Hollywood has depicted many times on the big screen, particularly in recent years. But up until the mid-1980s, the most notable examples included George Pal’s The Time Machine (1960), Franklin Schaffner’s Planet of the Apes (1968), Nicholas Meyer’s Time After Time (1979), Don Taylor’s The Final Countdown (1980), and of course James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984). But few time travel films have had as great an impact on popular culture as Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future.

Michael J. Fox—at the very height of his popularity as Alex P. Keaton on TV’s Family Ties—stars as Marty McFly, a young man who lives with his family in Hill Valley, California in 1985. Marty’s dad George (Crispin Glover) is a spineless loser