As has been noted time and again, Babymetal have a wonderfully devoted fanbase for their kawaii metal. Said fanbase best start saving their pennies/yen, because the Fox God’s favourite band are about to release no fewer than ten variants of their upcoming 10th anniversary celebration compilation 10 Babymetal Years.

Never a band to do things by halves, Babymetal have a plethora of ‘special projects’ in the offing to mark their remarkable first decade, some of which, we are duty-bound to reveal, only the Fox Gods knows. But what we mere mortals do now know, thanks to a new posting on the band’s social media channels is that there’s a veritable tsunami of Babymetal product coming on December 23.

Here’s the scoop on the new ‘best of’ album, straight from the fox’s mouth:

10 Babymetal Years is, naturally, going to be made available as a standard, basic CD version. But then matters get increasingly interesting with the numbered variants. Pay attention, this is important. So from the tops, there’s added content as follows…

 2: a Blu-Ray of videos

 3: 10 pieces of artwork that can be used as a cover

 4: a poster and a Blu-Ray featuring performance footage of fan-chosen songs

 5: battle cards, a battle CD, and battlefield.

 6: a flag, two Blu-Rays featuring interviews and live footage, and a photo book

 7, 8 and 9: special SUMETAL, MOAMETAL and KOBAMETAL editions!

“[Each] features a selection of their personal 10 best