Anime Limited has announced it will release new editions of the 2011 series Blood-C and the 2012 series K. The home edition of Blood-C will also include the sequel cinema film, Blood-C: The Last Dark.

Blood-C and Blood-C: The Last Dark will be released together in a Collectors Blu-ray. Anime Limited says this edition will include “contents not previously released in any English speaking territory.” K will also be a Collectors Blu-ray.

The home releases are “tentatively” scheduled for before the end of 2020.

The Blood-C and K series will also be available on Amazon Prime today.

Anime Limited summarises the Blood-C series as follows:

“A peaceful countryside village on a lake shore. Klutzy but good-hearted Saya has been living there as far as she can remember, and has never seen the outside world. This doesn’t really seem to bother her, as she stays with her caring and beloved father, and all her classmates and the teacher at school are so nice and friendly. But Saya’s eventless daylight life abruptly shifts into pure mayhem at night as she skillfully wields her sword to confront the Elder Bairns, creatures featuring the most diverse shapes, but with one thing in common – they feed on humans.”